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diff --git a/report/chapters/5-con-f.tex b/report/chapters/5-con-f.tex @@ -21,7 +21,7 @@ and must be used for experimental use only. It is not recommended to store critical files on storage provided by file storage providers using combox. Individuals who wish to try combox would want to look at \url{} to get the program -installed on their machines; Individuals who want to hack/learn about +installed on their machines, individuals who want to hack/learn about combox would want to look at \url{}. combox's canonical source repository is at \url{}, the @@ -76,8 +76,8 @@ follows is a non-exhaustive list of things to do in the future: or class. For instance, the \verb+test_CDM+ test method, part of the the \verb+tests.events_test.TestEvents+ test class tests the correctness of the \ for file - creation, deletion, rename and modification; this method would - ideally broken down into four tests methods. + creation, deletion, rename and modification, this method would + ideally be broken down into four tests methods. \item Make combox Python 3 compatible. The \verb+2to3+ program (which is part of the standard Python library since Python version 2.6) and diff --git a/report/combox-report.pdf b/report/combox-report.pdf Binary files differ.