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      1 \begin{abstractpage}\label{combox-abstract}
      2   File storage providers on the Internet have made it trivial for
      3   individuals to store their personal files online. At the same time,
      4   there has been revelations about the existence of a billion dollar
      5   surveillance industry\cite{website:wikileaks-spyfiles} that is
      6   building and selling tools to governments and dictatorships to snoop
      7   on its own citizens. In a world which is fast becoming Orwellian,
      8   storing personal files on storage provided by file storage providers
      9   is not even an option for some individuals. In the past, there have
     10   been separate efforts to come up with a solution to allow
     11   individuals to use storage space provided by file storage providers
     12   in a way that it made it impossible for file storage providers or
     13   ``third parties'' to access the user' files. combox is one such
     14   effort, it allows an individual to store their personal files on the
     15   storage provided by Google Drive and Dropbox in such a way that only
     16   part of each file (in encrypted form) is stored in Google
     17   Drive/Dropbox. combox is a python package compatible with GNU/Linux
     18   and OS X platforms. This report contains an overview of combox --
     19   what it is, how it was developed and tested; explains how combox is
     20   different from Vollmar's Combo-Box\cite{vollmar-combo-box}; reviews
     21   projects similar to combox that help computer users to securely
     22   store personal files on storage provided by file storage providers;
     23   lastly, enlists things that can be done to improve combox.
     24 \end{abstractpage}