split and encrypted files between online file storage providers
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2016-03-01 15:24docs: Added links to v0.2.3 archives.Siddharth Ravikumar2+14-0
2016-03-01 14:56bumped to v0.2.3Siddharth Ravikumar2+5-1
2016-03-01 14:50Updated ChangeLog.Siddharth Ravikumar1+4-0
2016-03-01 14:46docs: updated copyright.Siddharth Ravikumar1+1-1
2016-03-01 14:27Copyright changed.Siddharth Ravikumar18+18-18
2016-02-27 22:35README.rst: removed dm button.Siddharth Ravikumar1+0-3
2016-01-12 03:33docs/releases.rst: cosmetic fix.Siddharth Ravikumar1+1-1
2016-01-12 03:31docs/releases.rst: Added links to v0.2.2 archives.Siddharth Ravikumar2+13-0
2016-01-12 03:18bumped to v0.2.2Siddharth Ravikumar2+5-1
2016-01-12 03:14README.rst: validation fix.Siddharth Ravikumar2+1-2
2016-01-12 03:08updated docs/releases.rstSiddharth Ravikumar2+14-1
2016-01-12 02:21bumped to version 0.2.1Siddharth Ravikumar2+2-1
2016-01-12 02:19updated 'download_url' in Ravikumar2+3-1
2016-01-12 02:05modified combox.file.rm_path function.Siddharth Ravikumar2+3-0
2016-01-12 01:17tests/ docstring fix.Siddharth Ravikumar1+2-2
2016-01-11 23:59[bug fix] setup.pySiddharth Ravikumar2+9-2
2016-01-11 23:28combox/ modified config_cb function.Siddharth Ravikumar2+13-4
2016-01-11 23:13combox/ configuration related update.Siddharth Ravikumar2+8-1
2016-01-10 20:44Added docs/api/combox.log.rstSiddharth Ravikumar3+9-1
2016-01-10 20:43combox.log: rewrote docstrings.Siddharth Ravikumar2+30-3
2016-01-10 20:15Added docs/api/combox.gui.rstSiddharth Ravikumar3+9-0
2016-01-10 20:13combox.gui: rewrote docstrings.Siddharth Ravikumar2+71-26
2016-01-08 00:02Updated Changelog.Siddharth Ravikumar1+29-0
2016-01-07 23:44Whitespace fix in combox.config.Siddharth Ravikumar1+1-0
2016-01-07 23:43Added docs/api/combox.config.rstSiddharth Ravikumar2+7-0
2016-01-07 23:41Rewrote docstrings combox.config module.Siddharth Ravikumar1+50-8
2016-01-06 04:45Added docs/api/combox.cbox.rstSiddharth Ravikumar2+7-0
2016-01-06 04:44docstrings in combox.cbox are sphinx friendly now.Siddharth Ravikumar1+17-4
2016-01-02 20:48Added rsync exclude filter (for doc uploads).Siddharth Ravikumar2+5-1
2016-01-02 20:23Added api docs for combox.silo.Siddharth Ravikumar4+20-1
2016-01-02 20:16Rewrote/Added docstrings in module.Siddharth Ravikumar1+210-35
2015-12-26 01:35updated ChangeLogSiddharth Ravikumar1+5-0
2015-12-26 01:33combox/ rewrote docstrings.Siddharth Ravikumar1+103-43
2015-12-25 00:29docs: added link to git repo in sidebar.Siddharth Ravikumar2+6-1
2015-12-25 00:25Added docs/setup/index.rstSiddharth Ravikumar2+168-2
2015-12-25 00:20docs/releases.rst: added bash highlighting.Siddharth Ravikumar1+2-0
2015-12-25 00:18removed gnu, osx, setup-combox & windows docs.Siddharth Ravikumar6+9-189
2015-12-25 00:02README.rst: cosmetic edit.Siddharth Ravikumar1+2-0
2015-12-24 22:48docs/releases.rst: changed the styling of heading.Siddharth Ravikumar1+2-1
2015-12-24 22:47docs/releases.rst: updated 0.2.0 archives.Siddharth Ravikumar1+8-3
2015-12-24 22:15Added docs/releases.rst.Siddharth Ravikumar3+64-1
2015-12-24 21:42updated Changlog.Siddharth Ravikumar1+10-0
2015-12-24 updated `description`.Siddharth Ravikumar1+1-1
2015-12-24 21:29docs: Added combox.crypto module.Siddharth Ravikumar2+7-0
2015-12-24 21:25README.rst: changed the position of fancy buttons.Siddharth Ravikumar1+9-7
2015-12-24 21:16README.rst: updated fancy buttons.Siddharth Ravikumar1+8-8
2015-12-24 21:15README.rst: Fixed typo.Siddharth Ravikumar1+1-1
2015-12-24 21:14Rewrote docstrings in combox.crypto module.Siddharth Ravikumar1+100-29
2015-12-24 18:24Added buttons (pypi); fancy stuff.Siddharth Ravikumar1+16-0
2015-12-23 05:05Added api/index, api/combox.fileSiddharth Ravikumar4+21-0
2015-12-23 05:03combox/ updated docstrings.Siddharth Ravikumar2+189-84
2015-12-23 04:58README.rst: removed contact section.Siddharth Ravikumar2+4-6
2015-12-23 changed `author` field.Siddharth Ravikumar2+5-1
2015-12-22 23:44authors -> contributors.Siddharth Ravikumar21+48-23
2015-12-22 23:27Makefile: added new targetsSiddharth Ravikumar2+11-2
2015-12-22 files coding set to utf-8.Siddharth Ravikumar16+34-2
2015-12-22 22:49README.rst: cosmetic fix.Siddharth Ravikumar1+1-1
2015-12-22 22:40bumped to version 0.2.0Siddharth Ravikumar3+14-1
2015-12-22 22:34Added MakefileSiddharth Ravikumar2+52-0
2015-12-22 22:05Fixed try-catch block in combox.cbox.main.Siddharth Ravikumar3+9-3
2015-12-22 21:47README.rst: fixed lint errors.Siddharth Ravikumar4+7-3
2015-12-22 21:40bumped to version 0.2.0.rc1Siddharth Ravikumar2+6-2
2015-12-22 20:30updated included docs/Siddharth Ravikumar2+3-0
2015-12-22 20:21Added docs/ (uses sphinx).Siddharth Ravikumar13+958-79
2015-12-22 03:50unicoded the version strings.Siddharth Ravikumar1+4-2
2015-12-22 03:31Added combox._version module.Siddharth Ravikumar4+68-3
2015-12-22 02:54Added MANIFEST.inSiddharth Ravikumar2+9-0
2015-12-22 02:52overhauled setup.pySiddharth Ravikumar2+34-12
2015-12-22 02:47fixed README.rstSiddharth Ravikumar1+2-2
2015-12-22 -> README.rstSiddharth Ravikumar2+130-113
2015-12-22 01:29Now use `os.renames` instead `os.rename` function.Siddharth Ravikumar3+12-3
2015-12-22 00:59updated ChangeLog.Siddharth Ravikumar1+10-0
2015-12-22 00:46Accounted for watchdog's weirdess.Siddharth Ravikumar1+22-2
2015-12-17 22:01Removed buffering in combox.file.write_file func.Siddharth Ravikumar1+1-1
2015-12-17 21:59Re-did the error messages in at combox.fileSiddharth Ravikumar1+5-5
2015-12-14 00:52combox defaults to using gui for config.Siddharth Ravikumar2+15-1
2015-12-14 00:44`combox.gui.ComboxConfigDialog` accepts config_dirSiddharth Ravikumar2+16-2
2015-12-11 02:05combox/ (ComboxConfigDialog.apply)Siddharth Ravikumar2+18-4
2015-12-04 01:39combox/ fixed spacing.Siddharth Ravikumar1+1-2
2015-12-04 01:37combox/ input validation kinda done + added status bar.Siddharth Ravikumar2+105-3
2015-12-04 01:35updated ChangeLog (commit 952906378f80).Siddharth Ravikumar1+7-0
2015-12-04 added "re-enter passphrase" field + validation for it.Siddharth Ravikumar1+21-3
2015-11-30 05:57Rough non-functioning version of combox's graphical interface for configuration done. new file: combox/ modified: ChangeLogSiddharth Ravikumar2+288-0
2015-11-19 marked bug #11 as fixed.Siddharth Ravikumar1+2-1
2015-11-19 13:23Now ComboxDirMonitor uses Lock. Addresses bug#11.Siddharth Ravikumar4+83-65
2015-11-19 field bug #11.Siddharth Ravikumar1+3-0
2015-11-13 14:33bumped to v0.1.3Siddharth Ravikumar2+5-1
2015-11-13 moved the "canonical repo" section to the beginning.Siddharth Ravikumar1+6-3
2015-11-13 14:27updated README.mdSiddharth Ravikumar1+12-0
2015-11-13 marked bug#10 to done.Siddharth Ravikumar1+2-1
2015-11-08 19:57Updated and See ChangeLog.rsiddharth3+95-22
2015-11-03 14:34updated ChangeLogSiddharth Ravikumar1+9-0
2015-11-02 17:17combox/ modded write_file.Siddharth Ravikumar1+1-1
2015-11-02 marked "change combox.cbox to initialize a node monitor for each node directory" to DONE.Siddharth Ravikumar1+5-1
2015-11-02 file bug #10 - large files not getting written properly in combox directory.Siddharth Ravikumar1+3-0
2015-10-20 13:54bumped to v0.1.2Siddharth Ravikumar2+5-1
2015-10-18 updated `url' and `download_url`.Siddharth Ravikumar1+2-2
2015-10-18 updated git url in `setup combox` section.Siddharth Ravikumar1+1-1
2015-10-18 changed canonical repo url.Siddharth Ravikumar1+1-1
2015-10-18 01:31combox now uses python's logging module instead of `print` to stdout information/errors.Siddharth Ravikumar5+76-47
2015-10-17 03:20refactored read_file function combox.file module.Siddharth Ravikumar1+4-7
2015-10-16 23:38Fxed bug #9.Siddharth Ravikumar2+9-2
2015-10-16 23:34Filed bug #9Siddharth Ravikumar1+1-1
2015-10-16 02:47combox/ the split_and_encrypt function is timed now.Siddharth Ravikumar1+9-0
2015-10-16 02:38added combox/ module for combox to log stuff.Siddharth Ravikumar1+28-0
2015-10-09 17:36updated .gitignoreSiddharth Ravikumar1+5-2
2015-10-02 11:41updated setup.pySiddharth Ravikumar1+1-3
2015-09-29 19:55combox/ fixed tmp_file method.Siddharth Ravikumar1+2-2
2015-09-29 18:15[bug fix] fix for :b#2:Siddharth Ravikumar4+56-3
2015-09-18 01:05Added ChangeLogSiddharth Ravikumar1+5-0
2015-09-18 00:51updated README.mdSiddharth Ravikumar1+49-32
2015-09-13 closed bug #8.Siddharth Ravikumar1+4-1
2015-09-13 03:19fix for bug #8.Siddharth Ravikumar1+3-1
2015-09-13 filed bug #8Siddharth Ravikumar1+1-0
2015-09-13 marked bugs #6 and #7 as fixed.Siddharth Ravikumar1+7-2
2015-09-13 02:05fix for bug #7.Siddharth Ravikumar1+1-1
2015-09-13 02:04fix for bug #6Siddharth Ravikumar1+11-2
2015-09-13 filed bug #7.Siddharth Ravikumar1+1-0
2015-09-13 filed bug #6.Siddharth Ravikumar1+8-2
2015-09-13 fixed b#5Siddharth Ravikumar1+4-1
2015-09-12 23:47fix for bug #5.rsiddharth1+7-8
2015-09-12 logged bug #5.Siddharth Ravikumar1+4-0
2015-09-12 17:04tests/silo_test: updated test_csilo_noderem test.Siddharth Ravikumar1+1-1
2015-09-12 17:03Introduced `node_store_moved_info' method in combox.silo.ComboxSilo class.Siddharth Ravikumar2+27-2
2015-09-07 plaftorm specific changes.Siddharth Ravikumar1+20-7
2015-09-07 fixed file path variable name in NodeDirMonitor's on_move method.Siddharth Ravikumar1+5-5
2015-09-07 fixed deadlock issue.Siddharth Ravikumar1+7-8
2015-09-07 fixes a dropbox specific issue.Siddharth Ravikumar1+8-5
2015-09-07 updated/added print statemets for debugging.Siddharth Ravikumar1+2-1
2015-09-07 added `print' statements; helpful for debugging.Siddharth Ravikumar1+9-1
2015-09-07 00:05ests.events_test: updated TestEvents's teardown_class method.Siddharth Ravikumar1+2-2
2015-09-06 23:59combox.config: now we're always returning config_info no matter what.Siddharth Ravikumar1+1-0
2015-09-06 23:57combox.config module update.Siddharth Ravikumar1+1-1
2015-09-06 23:38Wrote a fix for Google Drive client behavior for file modification.Siddharth Ravikumar2+157-14
2015-08-27 added print statements in for debugging.Siddharth Ravikumar1+3-0
2015-08-27 14:01combox/ fixed a logical error in NodeDirMonitor.on_movedSiddharth Ravikumar1+2-1
2015-08-27 04:14combox/ fixed a logical mistake in the last commit.Siddharth Ravikumar1+1-1
2015-08-27 04:09fixed dropbox specific issue in NodeDirMonitor.housekeep method.Siddharth Ravikumar1+2-1
2015-08-27 03:19Fix for Dropbox weirdness.Siddharth Ravikumar1+47-15
2015-08-26 18:11combox/ bugfix (Dropbox specific code).Siddharth Ravikumar1+4-2
2015-08-26 14:40combox/ fixed a Dropox specific issue :|Siddharth Ravikumar1+22-5
2015-08-26 13:54combox/ fixed Dropbox specific issue.Siddharth Ravikumar1+13-4
2015-08-26 04:26fixed a Dropbox specific issue in NodeDirMonitor.Siddharth Ravikumar2+23-3
2015-08-26 03:23bug fix (b#4).Siddharth Ravikumar2+17-2
2015-08-26 03:15added new function file.no_of_shards + tests.Siddharth Ravikumar2+46-0
2015-08-24 added new dependency `simplejson'.Siddharth Ravikumar2+2-1
2015-08-24 18:02combox.config: silo directory is expanded to its abs. path when no silo directory is given.Siddharth Ravikumar2+2-2
2015-08-24 16:22updated combox.cbox.run_cb.Siddharth Ravikumar1+3-0
2015-08-24 14:38combox/ fixed typo in comment.Siddharth Ravikumar1+1-1
2015-05-08 11:50Intergrated node monitor into the combox.cbox module.Siddharth Ravikumar1+34-9
2015-05-01 13:46updated TODO.orgSiddharth Ravikumar1+14-1
2015-05-01 13:36Updated's 're-construct file' functionality.Siddharth Ravikumar2+63-24
2015-05-01 13:35added comments in method.Siddharth Ravikumar1+3-0
2015-04-30 19:02Updated's delete functionality.Siddharth Ravikumar2+45-12
2015-04-29 17:43combox.silo.ComboxSilo.node_set: added an optional parameter called `num'.Siddharth Ravikumar2+20-1
2015-04-23 rewrote methodSiddharth Ravikumar1+4-2
2015-04-23 00:48rewrote method.Siddharth Ravikumar2+42-15
2015-04-23 added deadline for rewriting " method".Siddharth Ravikumar1+1-0
2015-04-16 rewrote methodSiddharth Ravikumar1+4-2
2015-04-16 00:48rewrote method.Siddharth Ravikumar2+75-6
2015-04-16 00:44combox/ added comment in ComboxSilo.node_set()Siddharth Ravikumar1+4-1
2015-04-15 added deadline for TODO rewrite methodSiddharth Ravikumar1+1-0
2015-04-09 bug #1 is done.Siddharth Ravikumar1+4-1
2015-04-09 21:18fixed bug #1 (platform-specific)Siddharth Ravikumar2+8-5
2015-04-09 20:52updated added tags to bugs section.Siddharth Ravikumar1+3-3
2015-04-09 added 'bugs' section.Siddharth Ravikumar1+86-76
2015-04-09 added new section `canonical repo'.Siddharth Ravikumar1+4-0
2015-04-09 12:42updated README.mdSiddharth Ravikumar1+1-1
2015-04-09 01:58updated -- criticism is good.Siddharth Ravikumar1+2-0
2015-04-09 rewrote methodSiddharth Ravikumar1+6-2
2015-04-09 00:49rewrote method.Siddharth Ravikumar2+66-3
2015-04-08 21:18After a file which was created a in a remote computer is reconstructed in this computer, its info is removed from the 'file_created' dictionary in the silo.Siddharth Ravikumar2+8-1
2015-04-08 20:50new method combox.silo.ComboxSilo.node_remSiddharth Ravikumar2+33-0
2015-04-08 20:26added test file to purge list in tests.events_test.TestEvents.test_NDM_oncreatedSiddharth Ravikumar1+3-0
2015-04-08 20:20Added test for directory creation in tests.events_test.TestEvents.test_NDM_oncreated.Siddharth Ravikumar1+15-15
2015-04-08 20:18renamed method test_NDM_oncreate -> test_NDM_oncreated in tests.event_test.TestEvents.Siddharth Ravikumar1+2-2
2015-04-06 set deadline for the week.Siddharth Ravikumar1+1-0
2015-04-03 15:45modded teardown method in tests.events_test.TestEvents.Siddharth Ravikumar1+2-6
2015-04-03 13:26updated TODO.orgSiddharth Ravikumar1+2-0
2015-04-02 03:06updated Done rewriting methodSiddharth Ravikumar1+4-1
2015-04-02 02:57[golden commit]: rewrote method.Siddharth Ravikumar2+76-13
2015-04-02 02:56updated TODO.orgSiddharth Ravikumar1+4-0
2015-04-02 02:00updated combox.file.relative_path.Siddharth Ravikumar2+18-3
2015-04-01 21:04new variable at NodeDirMonitor -- `num_nodes'Siddharth Ravikumar2+11-0
2015-04-01 19:56renamed dict names in combox.silo.ComboxSilo from shard_* -> file_*Siddharth Ravikumar2+55-55
2015-04-01 15:13updated TODO.orgSiddharth Ravikumar1+4-1
2015-04-01 15:06Now combox.silo.ComboxSilo reloads db from disk before reading/writing.Siddharth Ravikumar2+13-30
2015-04-01 15:05updated TODO.orgSiddharth Ravikumar1+1-0
2015-04-01 14:38updated TODO.orgSiddharth Ravikumar1+4-2
2015-04-01 13:45refactored the way locks work in combox.siloComboxSilo.Siddharth Ravikumar5+64-51
2015-04-01 02:25updated -- changed the TODO for this week.Siddharth Ravikumar1+1-1
2015-04-01 00:28new methods in combox.silo.ComboxSilo -- node_get, node_set. noddicts.Siddharth Ravikumar2+149-0
2015-03-31 21:40ComboxSilo is now going to have dictionaries that track information about the shards.Siddharth Ravikumar2+18-2
2015-03-31 21:38updated TODO.orgSiddharth Ravikumar1+2-0
2015-03-27 00:32updated TODO.orgSiddharth Ravikumar1+8-2
2015-03-26 corrected typo in docstring.Siddharth Ravikumar1+1-1
2015-03-26 20:21fleshed out method.Siddharth Ravikumar2+120-3
2015-03-26 20:16updated TODO.orgSiddharth Ravikumar1+1-1
2015-03-20 02:42new function combox.file.node_paths: returns the abs. path of shards/directories in node directories.Siddharth Ravikumar2+57-0
2015-03-20 02:41combox/ edited docstring of the node_path method.Siddharth Ravikumar1+3-2
2015-03-20 02:32In tests, the code that purges the files/directories in `purge_list' is now a function.Siddharth Ravikumar3+18-15
2015-03-19 19:41updated TODO.orgSiddharth Ravikumar1+2-0
2015-03-19 19:26combox/ All access to DB are now inside a critcal section.Siddharth Ravikumar1+17-11
2015-03-19 01:53updated wrote on_moved method (NodeDirMonitor)Siddharth Ravikumar1+4-2
2015-03-19 01:50fleshed out the on_move method in Ravikumar2+76-2
2015-03-19 01:45tests/ paths in `purge_list' is purged after executing each test method.Siddharth Ravikumar1+8-7
2015-03-19 01:42combox/ modded remove method in ComboxSiloSiddharth Ravikumar1+5-1
2015-03-18 13:37updated TODO.orgSiddharth Ravikumar1+2-2
2015-03-13 16:48updated on_created, on_modified, on_deleted methods in NodeDirMonitor.Siddharth Ravikumar1+15-0
2015-03-13 16:03Added `shardp' method to + test for it.Siddharth Ravikumar2+21-0
2015-03-06 13:47updated on_delete method in Ravikumar1+1-1
2015-03-06 13:36updated TODO.orgSiddharth Ravikumar1+1-1
2015-03-06 13:35updated the on_delete method in the class.Siddharth Ravikumar1+5-2
2015-03-06 13:32modded combox.file.node_path function.Siddharth Ravikumar3+9-5
2015-03-05 04:06updated - flesh out on_delete method (NodeDirMonitor)Siddharth Ravikumar1+4-2
2015-03-05 04:04all the sleep calls are 1 sec long in tests.events_testSiddharth Ravikumar1+5-5
2015-03-05 04:02fleshed out the on_delete method in Ravikumar2+28-4
2015-03-05 03:27fixed combox.file.cb_pathSiddharth Ravikumar1+1-1
2015-03-05 02:26renamed combox.file.rm_dir -> combox.file.rm_pathSiddharth Ravikumar2+21-7
2015-03-05 02:02combox.file.mk_nodedir uses mk_dir to create a directory.Siddharth Ravikumar1+1-4
2015-03-05 01:52combox.file.rm_nodedir uses the rm_dir function to remove directories.Siddharth Ravikumar1+1-4
2015-03-05 01:49new function combox.file.mk_dirSiddharth Ravikumar2+30-0
2015-03-05 01:32new function combox.file.rm_dirSiddharth Ravikumar2+18-0
2015-03-05 01:13updated TODO.orgSiddharth Ravikumar1+4-2
2015-03-05 01:07combox/ fixed the silo bug.Siddharth Ravikumar1+16-3
2015-02-27 04:21updated TODO.orgSiddharth Ravikumar1+6-0
2015-02-27 04:12added - moved combox TODO here.Siddharth Ravikumar1+39-0
2015-02-27 03:44fleshed out the NodeDirMonitor's on_modified method + wrote tests for it.Siddharth Ravikumar2+64-2
2015-02-26 14:23updated tests.utils.shardedp - nows additionally checks if shard exists.Siddharth Ravikumar1+1-1
2015-02-26 07:38modded combox.file.hash_file function -- added new arg `file_content'Siddharth Ravikumar2+9-4
2015-02-26 07:30updated combox.silo.ComboxSilo.stale method - added new arg fhashSiddharth Ravikumar2+7-4
2015-02-26 07:20updated tests.crypto_test.TestCrypto.test_convenience_cryptoSiddharth Ravikumar1+5-1
2015-02-26 07:03modded combox.crypto.decrypt_and_glue - added new arg called `write'Siddharth Ravikumar1+7-4
2015-02-26 03:40updated methodSiddharth Ravikumar1+6-3
2015-02-26 03:38tests/ corrected typo in the docstring of test_cbpath method.Siddharth Ravikumar1+1-1
2015-02-26 03:36new function combox.file.node_path.Siddharth Ravikumar2+41-0
2015-02-20 14:56New class defined.Siddharth Ravikumar2+134-8
2015-02-20 14:04modded tests/events_test.TestEvents.teardown methodSiddharth Ravikumar1+3-1
2015-02-20 14:01Refactored combox.crypto.split_and_encrypt function.Siddharth Ravikumar1+12-5
2015-02-20 13:37Refactored combox.file.cb_path to accept a file or a directory under a node directory.Siddharth Ravikumar2+23-6
2015-02-20 03:07combox/ now the silo.db is purged after every test method in EventsTest class.Siddharth Ravikumar1+2-7
2015-02-20 02:56tests/ defined teardown method in TestEvents class.Siddharth Ravikumar1+7-1
2015-02-20 02:51tests/ modded `rm_nodedirs' and defined new function 'purge_nodedirs'Siddharth Ravikumar1+10-2
2015-02-20 01:59combox/ corrected typo in docstring of decrypt_and_glue function.Siddharth Ravikumar1+1-1
2015-02-20 01:55Defined new function in combox.file.cb_pathSiddharth Ravikumar2+20-0
2015-02-19 21:08tests/ in test_relativepath method path.join is used to construct pathnames.Siddharth Ravikumar1+2-3
2015-02-19 20:47modded combox.file.relative_path function.Siddharth Ravikumar2+34-7
2015-02-19 04:50updated .gitignoreSiddharth Ravikumar1+2-6
2015-02-19 04:48All the test classes now call rm_configdir() in their teardown method.Siddharth Ravikumar5+11-5
2015-02-19 04:47tests/ added rm_configdir functionSiddharth Ravikumar1+10-0
2015-02-13 16:12All the tests now remove the node directories (tests/shard-dir-0 & tests/shard-dir-1) in the teardown method.Siddharth Ravikumar7+12-5
2015-02-13 16:11tests/ added new function rm_nodedirs.Siddharth Ravikumar1+12-1
2015-02-13 14:48tests/ & tests/ - corrected typos in doctstrings.Siddharth Ravikumar2+2-2
2015-02-13 14:46tests/ config.yaml file is purged after all the tests.Siddharth Ravikumar1+3-5
2015-02-13 14:46removed tests/test-config/config.yaml - no longer needed.Siddharth Ravikumar1+0-13
2015-02-13 05:23tests/ re-wrote it.Siddharth Ravikumar1+58-45
2015-02-13 05:09tests/ now teardown purges the shards of TEST_FILESiddharth Ravikumar1+2-0
2015-02-13 05:09tests/ corrected typo in docstring.Siddharth Ravikumar1+1-1
2015-02-13 03:10tests/ re-wrote itSiddharth Ravikumar1+187-237
2015-02-13 02:54tests/ copied the utility functions in tests/ to this module.Siddharth Ravikumar1+81-2
2015-02-12 19:59tests/ re-wrote it.Siddharth Ravikumar1+68-56
2015-02-12 02:35tests/ re-wrote it.Siddharth Ravikumar1+54-48
2015-02-09 19:08tests/ removed extraneous import thingies.Siddharth Ravikumar1+1-1
2015-02-09 15:35tests/ re-wrote it.Siddharth Ravikumar1+27-24
2015-02-09 15:35tests/ contains utility functions, etc that will be used in test modules.Siddharth Ravikumar1+57-0
2015-02-09 15:31combox/ added a new arg `write' (boolean) to cb_config function.Siddharth Ravikumar1+8-5
2015-02-09 02:17[bugfix]: combox/ - when empty string is given for 'silo_dir'; it sets the dir to PWD, this was not intended. This was fixed.Siddharth Ravikumar1+4-2
2015-02-06 added 'console_scripts' under 'entry_points'Siddharth Ravikumar1+3-0
2015-02-06 02:15combox/ Under ComboxDIrMonitor, set logging's level to INFO.Siddharth Ravikumar1+4-0
2015-02-06 02:14combox/ put the code under __main__ into a new function called 'main()'Siddharth Ravikumar1+8-2
2015-02-06 02:11[bugfix] combox/ Forgot to rename ComboxEventHandler -> ComboxDirMonitor. Fixed it now.Siddharth Ravikumar1+2-2
2015-01-29 01:43combox/ In ComboxDirMonitor class, housekeep() is called from the __init__ method.Siddharth Ravikumar1+2-0
2015-01-29 01:08combox/ ComboxDirMonitor now inherits LoggingEventHandler instead of FileSystemEventHandler.Siddharth Ravikumar1+4-19
2015-01-28 16:21tests/ wrote test for 'file modification' under test_housekeep()Siddharth Ravikumar1+28-0
2015-01-28 03:01combox/ - Wrote first version of housingkeep() method for ComboxDirMonitor class.Siddharth Ravikumar2+75-1
2015-01-28 02:54[bug fix] combox/ rm_shards function checks if a shard exists before os.remove()ing it.Siddharth Ravikumar1+7-1
2015-01-28 02:53tests/ renamed test_CEH() -> test_CDM()Siddharth Ravikumar1+1-1
2015-01-28 02:52combox/ new method `keys()' in ComboxSilo class.Siddharth Ravikumar1+7-1
2015-01-27 added `-s' option to nosetests command.Siddharth Ravikumar1+1-1
2015-01-27 updated combox description.Siddharth Ravikumar1+2-2
2015-01-22 03:25combox/ now when files are -- created, moved, removed, modified -- their info is kept track in simple db file (using PickleDB).Siddharth Ravikumar2+38-11
2015-01-22 01:22tests/ re-arranged the import statements.Siddharth Ravikumar1+5-3
2015-01-22 00:38updated - modded license sectionSiddharth Ravikumar1+5-5
2015-01-22 00:07new module: combox/silo.pySiddharth Ravikumar2+186-0
2015-01-21 23:57updated setup.pySiddharth Ravikumar1+3-2
2015-01-21 23:54updated README.mdSiddharth Ravikumar1+7-2
2015-01-21 23:53updated .gitignoreSiddharth Ravikumar1+3-2
2015-01-21 22:53deleted: etc/storage.yaml - Going to be using PickleDB for storing info about files in the combox dir.Siddharth Ravikumar1+0-14
2015-01-21 15:43combox/ defined hash_file function.Siddharth Ravikumar2+26-1
2015-01-21 add license information for combox logo.Siddharth Ravikumar1+8-3
2015-01-21 15:02Renamed ComboxEventHandler (class) -> ComboxDirMonitorSiddharth Ravikumar2+9-9
2015-01-21 13:44combox config now contains a `combox_name` field which contains the name of the combox.Siddharth Ravikumar3+3-1
2015-01-21 12:08now the config file also makes note of the 'silo' directory.Siddharth Ravikumar3+9-1
2015-01-21 04:10fleshed out the on_modified function in the ComboxEventHandler class + wrote tests for it.Siddharth Ravikumar4+98-1
2015-01-21 04:09tests/ fixed the path_deletedp function.Siddharth Ravikumar1+4-5
2015-01-21 01:03updated copright year.Siddharth Ravikumar9+9-9
2015-01-19 14:47updated graphics/logo/combox-logo.svgSiddharth Ravikumar1+64-67
2015-01-16 14:28added combox/ pretty rough.Siddharth Ravikumar1+82-0
2015-01-16 14:26tests/ wrote test for file/directory rename under combox directory.Siddharth Ravikumar1+37-0
2015-01-16 14:24[bug fix] combox/ fixed bug in move_shards functionSiddharth Ravikumar1+5-0
2015-01-16 01:48tests/ wrote test for file/directory deletion in combox directory.Siddharth Ravikumar1+35-4
2015-01-15 22:30combox/ fleshed out on_moved, on_deleted functions.Siddharth Ravikumar1+24-2
2015-01-15 22:28tests/ wrote code to test whether files created in a nested directory properly are split properly to node dirs.Siddharth Ravikumar1+17-5
2015-01-15 22:00combox/ wrote new utility functions.Siddharth Ravikumar1+99-0
2015-01-15 21:59combox/ node directories are created if they're not already created.Siddharth Ravikumar1+4-0
2015-01-15 03:51updated graphics/logo/combox-logo.svgSiddharth Ravikumar1+82-39
2015-01-15 03:39added graphics/logo/combox-logo.svgSiddharth Ravikumar1+118-0
2015-01-15 02:57updated .gitignoreSiddharth Ravikumar1+1-0
2015-01-15 02:54added tests/ tests the ComboxEventHandler thing.Siddharth Ravikumar1+103-0
2015-01-15 02:53combox/ contains the ComboxEventHandler which monitors and does the combox thing.Siddharth Ravikumar1+78-0
2015-01-15 02:50combox/ relative_path function is used to get the file/directory's basename.Siddharth Ravikumar1+9-4
2015-01-15 02:47combox/ new functions defined.Siddharth Ravikumar1+53-6
2015-01-15 02:43combox/ all directories that are written to YAML now have absolute path.Siddharth Ravikumar1+5-5
2015-01-15 02:37updated tests/test-config/config.yamlSiddharth Ravikumar1+3-3
2015-01-14 15:05updated README.mdSiddharth Ravikumar1+3-0
2015-01-14 14:08renamed: README -> README.mdSiddharth Ravikumar2+61-61
2015-01-14 05:14updated README: added back the 'mode' thingy.Siddharth Ravikumar1+2-0
2015-01-14 05:03updated READMESiddharth Ravikumar1+0-2
2015-01-14 04:33combox/ removed a `.' that somehow crept into the file at the bottom :<Siddharth Ravikumar1+0-1
2015-01-14 04:29tests/ added new test function to test split_and_encrypt and decrypt_and_glue functions.Siddharth Ravikumar1+21-0
2015-01-14 04:28updated .gitignoreSiddharth Ravikumar1+3-2
2015-01-14 04:25tests/ uses new test file.Siddharth Ravikumar3+1-2
2015-01-14 04:24tests/ uses get_nodedirs function to fetch list of node directories.Siddharth Ravikumar1+5-3
2015-01-14 04:21tests/ uses get_nodedirs function to fetch list of node directories.Siddharth Ravikumar1+2-1
2015-01-14 04:17tests/ modified test config info.Siddharth Ravikumar1+8-8
2015-01-14 04:16combox/ added mk_nodedir function.Siddharth Ravikumar1+13-0
2015-01-14 04:15combox/ wrote split_and_encrypt & decrypt_and_glue functionsSiddharth Ravikumar1+61-0
2015-01-14 04:13combox/ added get_nodedirs function.Siddharth Ravikumar1+16-0
2015-01-14 04:10combox/ the config functions does its job irrespective of whether combox was configure before or not.Siddharth Ravikumar1+19-21
2015-01-14 04:04updated tests/test-config/config.yamlSiddharth Ravikumar1+4-4
2015-01-13 20:41updated tests/ password read from config file.Siddharth Ravikumar1+6-9
2015-01-13 19:46updated READMESiddharth Ravikumar1+17-10
2015-01-13 19:05rewrote the read_shards() and write_shards() function in combox/ Ravikumar3+60-34
2015-01-13 19:05updated.gitignoreSiddharth Ravikumar1+1-0
2015-01-13 19:03added new directories and test combox config under tests/Siddharth Ravikumar3+11-0
2015-01-13 03:09updated .gitignoreSiddharth Ravikumar1+3-0
2015-01-13 03:03updated add platform and license info.Siddharth Ravikumar1+2-0
2015-01-13 02:56Added `nose' for combox/, combox/, combox/file.pySiddharth Ravikumar3+209-0
2015-01-13 02:54deleted old test files in tests/Siddharth Ravikumar4+0-151
2015-01-13 02:53modified: combox/ - input is read through a function instead of using raw_input directlySiddharth Ravikumar1+22-9
2015-01-12 22:39Added back ol' test files.Siddharth Ravikumar4+121-0
2015-01-12 22:36deleted: combox/combox.pySiddharth Ravikumar1+0-243
2015-01-12 22:33added back combox/ and combox/crypto.pySiddharth Ravikumar2+166-0
2015-01-12 22:31added back combox/file.pySiddharth Ravikumar1+127-0
2015-01-12 22:14updated added `pycrypto' as a required python package.Siddharth Ravikumar1+1-1
2015-01-12 21:55updated setup.pySiddharth Ravikumar1+3-3
2015-01-12 21:53consolidated everything into combox/ Ravikumar9+273-414
2015-01-12 21:08added setup.pySiddharth Ravikumar1+38-0
2015-01-12 21:07updated .gitignoreSiddharth Ravikumar1+3-2
2015-01-12 21:04combox/ added commentSiddharth Ravikumar1+2-1
2015-01-12 21:04updated .gitignoreSiddharth Ravikumar1+7-2
2015-01-12 14:13moved combox/tests -> tests/Siddharth Ravikumar10+121-121
2014-11-21 14:10new file: etc/storage.yaml -- contains the file storage format.Siddharth Ravikumar1+14-0
2014-11-21 14:09tests/ test file for config.pySiddharth Ravikumar1+22-0
2014-11-21 14:08modified: -- configuration thingy is now a function + the passhrase is sha224 summed.Siddharth Ravikumar1+29-24
2014-11-13 07:08combox/ initial version of combox configuration done.Siddharth Ravikumar1+76-0
2014-11-06 13:31Updated README: edited program description.Siddharth Ravikumar1+3-2
2014-11-06 13:27updated README: added etymology section and fixed typos.Siddharth Ravikumar1+8-3
2014-11-06 13:16added READMESiddharth Ravikumar1+48-0
2014-11-06 03:49Added Contains function that encrypt data and decrypt ciphers using AES.Siddharth Ravikumar2+136-0
2014-11-06 wrote two new functions -- write_shards(), read_shards()Siddharth Ravikumar2+51-1
2014-10-30 15:48updated fixed typo in glue_data documentation.Siddharth Ravikumar1+1-1
2014-10-30 15:36updated combox/ renamed split_file -> split_data and glue_file -> glue_dataSiddharth Ravikumar2+46-35
2014-10-30 13:10renamed: utils/ ->, tests/ -> tests/test_file.pyrsiddharth5+113-113
2014-10-30 03:24Initial commit: File splitter & File gluer done.rsiddharth9+796-0