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      1 <!-- pubdate: 20190728 -->
      3 # IT syllabus of  class XI in Maharshtra now includes FLOSS
      5 We are happy to announce that the Maharashtra State Board's IT
      6 syllabus of XI standard is now based on Free/Libre and Open Source
      7 Software (FLOSS). The books have been released in the market. Despite
      8 Ubuntu 18.04 being the default recommended OS, students can choose
      9 their own GNU/Linux distro. The book follows the National Education
     10 Policy in ICT education in order to make the education cost-effective,
     11 ethical and accessible to all. Around 1.5 lakh students in Maharashtra
     12 will be introduced to Free/Libre and Open Source Software (FLOSS) from
     13 this and successive years.
     15 This is a result of efforts made by veteran founders of ILUG-Bombay,
     16 Krishnakant Mane and his GNUKhata team, Prajakta Patkar, Karan Kamdar
     17 and Abhijit of GNUKhata team.
     19 Special thanks to Dr. Nagarjuna, Prof. Khedkar, Prof. Abhinav Jog,
     20 Chandita, and Kasinath Guru; Adv. V P Patil, Adv. Amardev Unniyal and
     21 Sudhakar Kashyap for their help regarding PIL, Fr. Jude and Sajida of
     22 St Mary High School, Sr. Meena of Auxilium High School, Gayathri
     23 Narayanan (SIWS College), Vidyadhar Mhatre, Shrikrishna Joshi,Sudhanwa
     24 Joglekar, Gaurav Pant and many other members from PLUG, Balbharti,
     25 Hon.  Director, Support Staff and of course to all BOS team members
     26 (listed in the textbook) , Rushubh Mehta and Dr Nambiar, Director
     27 DBIT, for providing space for ilug-bom meetings and FLOSS events.