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      1 <!-- pubdate: 20190912 -->
      3 # Santhosh Thottingal is awarded the President's Maharshi Badrayan Vyas Samman for 2019
      5 Santhosh Thottingal, a software freedom activist, has been awarded the
      6 Maharshi Badrayan Vyas Samman by the Hon. President of India for his
      7 substantial contribution in the field of Malayalam language. FSF India
      8 congratulates Santhosh for this recognition and his several years of
      9 dedicated effort to create free software solutions for Indic
     10 Computing.
     12 The award, introduced in 2016, is given to the substantial
     13 contributions to languages such as Sanskrit, Persian, Arabi, Pali and
     14 Classical Oriya, Classical Kannada, Classical Telugu, and Classical
     15 Malayalam. This is given to young scholars in the age group of 30 to
     16 45 years, that includes a certificate of honor, a memento and a
     17 one-time cash prize of Rs.1 lakh.
     19 Santhosh has been one of the most active contributors of Swathanthra
     20 Malayalam Computing and a principal engineer in Wikipedia's language
     21 computing department. He has developed and released several algorithms
     22 and tools that serve computing needs in many Indian languages
     23 including Malayalam. He heads the maintenance of around dozen popular
     24 Malayalam fonts. Santhosh (along Kavya) designed two fonts, Chilanka
     25 and Manjari.  He has contributed tools that serve a broad range of
     26 language computing needs - input tools, layout tools, fonts, font
     27 rendering, text to speech, translation, localization are just some of
     28 them. He has also contributed and presented papers at several
     29 international conferences.
     31 Dr. Rajeev R. R from the e-governance and training department of
     32 ICFOSS has also been selected for this award along with Santhosh.
     34 We hope this award inspires Santhosh and Rajeev, budding contributors
     35 to push boundaries of Malayalam language computing.
     37 ---
     39 Orginially published at [blog.smc.org.in][smc].
     41 [smc]: https://blog.smc.org.in/santhosh-thottingal-wins-the-presidents-maharshi-badrayan-vyas-samman-for-2019/