automate the documentation of the differences between gNewSense and Debian.
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diff --git a/ b/ @@ -0,0 +1,71 @@ +# gns-deb-diff + +This script is an effort to automate the documentation of the +differences between gNewSense and Debian. + +The present list of differences is documented at the +[gNewSense wiki][2]. Look at the [savannah task #12794][1] for more +info. + +[1]: +[2]: + +## Synopsis + + $ python packages-list-file output-table-file local-packages-directory remote-bzr-url + +**defaults** + + local-packages-directory = "~/gnewsense/packages-parkes" + remote-bzr-ur = "bzr://" + +`packages-list-file`, is a file which contains a list of package names +that differ from Debian. Look at `packages-parkes.list` file for a +sample. + +`output-table-file`, is the file to which the script should write the difference table. + +## Description + +This is what the script does at present: + ++ **S1** The script pulls the latest version of the packages, listed +in the `packages-list-file`, from their respective bzr repos. + ++ **S2** For packages which contain the `README.gNewSense` file, it +reads the content into a dict; the keys being the names of the +packages. + ++ **S3** The script puts the names of packages, which doesn't contain +`README.gNewSense` file, into a seperate list. + ++ **S4** The dict produced in **S2** is used to generate moinmoin +marked up table, like [the one here][2]. + ++ **S5** The generated table is written to the `output-table-file`. + ++ **S4** The list of packages which doesn't contain `README.gNewSense` +is barfed out to stdout. + +## Notes + +1. At present the script reads the whole `README.gNewSense` file and +puts it in the second column of the table. The file typically about 10 +lines big & contains newlines. + +Unforunately, the MoinMoin markup for the table doesn't allow the +columns to have new lines. So, the table generated by the script, at +present, must be manually edited to remove newlines. + +A possible solution would be to have a one line description, of how +the respective package differs from Debian, at the beginning of the +`README.gNewSense`. This line can then be used by the script to +generate the table. + + +## License + +The script is under the WTFPL version 2 license. See COPYING for more +details. This license is [compatible with GNU GPL][3]. + +[3]: