automate the documentation of the differences between gNewSense and Debian.
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parent f55813c38b4a33e3e4f855285ed143ec20a38952
Author: rsiddharth <>
Date:   Fri,  3 Jan 2014 07:29:54 +0530

added packages to packages-parkes.list

packages-parkes.list | 22++++++++++++++++++++++
1 file changed, 22 insertions(+), 0 deletions(-)

diff --git a/packages-parkes.list b/packages-parkes.list @@ -1,31 +1,45 @@ antlr apt apt-setup +autoconf +autoconf2.59 +autoconf2.64 bacula base-files base-installer batik +cairomm cdebootstrap +cfitsio3 claws-mail db4.6 db4.7 db4.8 debian-cd +debian-edu debian-installer debian-installer-launcher debootstrap desktop-base +doc-linux +doc-linux-hr +doc-linux-it +doc-linux-ja +doc-linux-pl enscript epiphany-browser fop +freetype galaxia gdm3 glibmm2.4 gnewsense-archive-keyring gnome-desktop +gtkmm2.4 iceweasel kde4libs kdebase +kdebase-workspace kdenetwork kernel-wedge lensfun @@ -40,13 +54,21 @@ live-config meta-gnome2 mplayer net-retriever +objcryst-fox pangomm +perl-tk psutils python-apt screenlets +sip4-qt3 +tcl8.4 +tcl8.5 texlive-extra +tk8.4 +tk8.5 update-manager +vim wmaker xchat xdm