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      1 [[!comment format=mdwn
      2  username="joey"
      3  subject="""comment 1"""
      4  date="2018-06-12T14:38:22Z"
      5  content="""
      6 We want to avoid adding heavy dependencies to propellor since that makes
      7 propellor more expensive to bootstrap and adds a point of failure.
      9 But, it should be easy enough to add dependencies to your own 
     10 ~/.propellor/config.cabal and write your properties using them. It would
     11 also be fine to have additional libraries of propellor properties extending
     12 propellor.
     14 As for crypto hashes, it's certianly general enough to consider adding to
     15 propellor, but it's also striking that propellor has mostly avoided needing
     16 any hashes (except for some small uses of hashable and one place that
     17 shells out to sha1). If there's a general purpose property that uses a
     18 crypto hash, we could talk about adding it.
     19 """]]