propellor config for hosts.
git clone git://
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      1 [[!comment format=mdwn
      2  username="joey"
      3  subject="""comment 1"""
      4  date="2017-03-24T18:14:14Z"
      5  content="""
      6 There did not used to be a good way to do that, but since propellor 3.2.3,
      7 when you run eg "propellor --spin host", it first checks to see if there is
      8 a `./config.hs` file, and if so, uses it instead of the user-global
      9 `~/.propellor/config.hs`.
     11 So, just make different git repos for the different projects with propellor
     12 `config.hs` files in them, and `cd` into the one you want to run before running
     13 propellor.
     14 """]]