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      1 [[!comment format=mdwn
      2  username="joey"
      3  subject="""comment 1"""
      4  date="2018-07-06T20:19:27Z"
      5  content="""
      6 I was going to write something asserting that it's entirely data,
      7 and not code, though typed data expressed in a programming language.
      9 However, I think it's better to say that this code/data distinction is
     10 much less a useful distinction that commonly thought, one that things,
     11 especially in the configuration management space often chafe under (see
     12 all the turing complete ill-specified languages built on top of what
     13 started out as some pure data format that are in use by almost every other
     14 configuration management tool), and that Propellor is an attempt to
     15 move in a more useful and less ridigly defined direction.
     16 """]]