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      1 [[!comment format=mdwn
      2  username="joey"
      3  subject="""comment 1"""
      4  date="2014-11-23T18:41:40Z"
      5  content="""
      6 Letting --spin commit is part of my workflow. It's great when you're just
      7 changing config.hs to quickly blast out the changes.
      9 Granted, it is not so nice when doing Property development, as changes get
     10 fragmented across the spins used to test them. I'd be happy to find some
     11 way to improve that. Perhaps a way could be found to get this structure of
     12 git commits:
     14 	manual commit------------------------->manual commit--merge
     15 	            \--spin--spin--spin--spin--spin------------/
     17 Where the second manual commit has an identical tree committed as does the
     18 spin just underneath it, and so the following merge doesn't change any files,
     19 just grafts the two branches back together.
     21 I guess that could be handled by haing a checkpoint command, that squashes
     22 all the previous spins since the last checkpoint together into one commit,
     23 lets the user edit the commit message of that, and the juggles the branches
     24 into place and creates the merge commit -- which then becomes the new last
     25 checkpoint.
     27 I'll take patches for such a thing, or more simply a way to configure --spin's
     28 auto-committing behavior. However, I don't want to change the default
     29 behavior to not commit.
     30 """]]