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SCRUF - TODO		-*- mode: org; -*-

* features

** build system (GNU auto tools)

** test suite 

** implement lists
   introduce mark-up for lists. Weird that I have not implement

** [hp] documentation

   introduction to 'scruf' & 'scruffy' mark-up. finished the initial
   draft. It need to be edited and fine tuned.

** mark-up to center align text

* distribution related

** NEWS file
   should contain information about new releases and features(if
** HISTORY file
   not required for 0.1.0 release.
** FAQ file
   not required for 0.1.0 release.
** checksum
*** read the gpg handbook and get yourself the gpg thingy.
*** sign package. 
** package & upload it to savannah
* website
** create a documentation section in the homepage.
** create a mailing list section in the homepage

* finished todos
** [done] ignore directories
   way to ignore directories 

** [done] move to status/

** [done] extension for scruffy files
   extension for scruff marked-up files to make discovery easier.

** [done] modify conversion/ (bug)

** [done] link to scruffy source
   include a link or something to view the 'source'.

** [done] 'quote' special symbols inside a code-block.
** [done] 'last update' string
  the 'last updated' string must be dangled somewhere in the document
  that is licked by scruf.

** [done] <meta> tags
   introduce 'meta' info in html doc generated -- authorinfo.

** [done] mailing list
** [done] build rsiddharth's weblog
   Test it by generating rsiddharth's weblog using scruf.
** [done] manual
   the manual file should also be part of the source distribution.
** [done] README file
   a brief description of the project; pointer to website; notes on
   the platform; a roadmap to important files; installation info
   file; info about author;