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SCRUF - TODO -*- mode: org; -*-
* features
-** one stylesheet for a directory and all its subdirectory.
+** server/ directory
+ this is the directory where the stylesheet, #include files are
+ place.
+*** one stylesheet for a directory and all its subdirectory.
At present, each directory, irrespective of whether it is a
subdirectory or not, has one stylesheet. This is just bad design.
-** bzr -> git
- I might want to switch the vcs to git. This is not going to happen
- any time soon, though.
+*** #include feature which smears HTML from another file.
+** HTML in scruffy
+ At present scruffy markup files should not contain any HTML. I
+ guess that's stupid design.
+ Therefore, need to enable HTML markup in scruffy.
* documentation
** list mark up should be documented.