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diff --git a/as/testimonials/index.php b/as/testimonials/index.php @@ -162,6 +162,32 @@ $testimonials = array( useful purpose. I suggest his workshop on scale of 10/10. Thanks Vishwa for the wonderful workshop.', ), + 'Praveen Jayakaran' => array( + 'praveen_jayakaran.jpg', + 'it was a time when I had fluctuating ideas and confused about choosing + a career as education didn\'t justify to my dreams and passion. once i + decided to take photography as a fultime career, i rang up vishwa mano + who i know him personally for around 6 years as a friend, we spoke for + a while on the phone about the career possibilities and market about + the photographer\'s life. and then intimated about the 8 weekends + course on basic and advance level in photography he was + conducting. there are too many professionals and senior most + photographers of various genre across the cities today who charge + hefty amount just for two days workshop and they just put up a + presentation on their photograph they took and share experiences but + vishwa\'s course seems to be cost effective and also covering many + kinds of genre and topics. i decided to take up the course. the class + was interactive and productive as we had many different sessions on + studios shoots with models, field work like strobist, macro, star + trails, bird photography etc which added more fun and hands on + experience on the topic covered. we use to have revews and discussion + on the next day after every field shoot each and every topic was + covered indepth with patience providing an amazing platform to learn + and trained to be a pro. taking up his course was a one among best + decision i have ever done before and any day i will recommend to my + friends and other people I know i hereby sincerely express my + gratitude to vishwa mano for his awesome service, thanking you :)', + ), 'Dinesh Kumar' => array( 'dinesh_kumar.jpg', 'The photographic techniques and features taught for DSLR was very @@ -264,6 +290,67 @@ $testimonials = array( only stops within the classroom, but you would even be able to attend photography trips to different places !!,', ), + 'Aparajithan Krishnakumar' => array( + 'aparajithan_krishnakumar.jpg', + 'Attended both the Basic and Advanced Photography with Vishwa. The Best + Person to learn from. Explains concepts in a way where everyone + understands and confirms that it has reached.....Dont know if I would + have gained knowledge if I had joined elsewhere.... The Best place to + enter as a DUMMY and exit as a EXPERT...... Looking forward to have a + lot of photo walks with you..... ALL THE BEST!', + ), + 'Madhu Barath' => array( + 'madhu_barath.jpg', + 'My experience with Vishwa started before 2 years when I met him at a + CTC event.He shows in depth focus to technical details.At his age he + is a sound planner,focuses and specializes into areas he is confident + about(Macro).Honestly in a world where people start Photography by hit + and trail Vishwa helps us by providing his Knowledge/technical skills + so as to stream line us and our photography. His basic approach is + not to blindly ask but to understand the scenario and post your + doubts. He shows great encouragement if photos meet all the critial + criterias to a good photo. He is a lively person.he suggests good + gears to our accessories which are economical. I wish i could have + his interest at an early age to achieve some height. My suggestion : + 1) Reviews of Photos taken by each persons and spending time to + Improve the same. 2) More Case studies of Photographers so as to have + some motivation. 3) Some Links of Articles which has direct coherance + with our subject or discussions.', + ), + 'K.R. Gopalan' => array( + 'k_r_gopalan.jpg', + 'I have completed both the basic and advanced photography here. There + is no words to explain his talent. Such a talented person and a + amazing teacher. Few people might have stuff in them but would not be + good in explaining it to others but you are good in that too. Lot of + techniques would be there but people would not be ready to teach it + but you taught that too. All the best for your future... :-)', + ), + 'Madhu Vinodh' => array( + 'madhu_vinodh.jpg', + 'No word to describe about your mentoring Vishwa Mano and you makes me + feel different from other budding photographers. The way of teaching + is really awesome.. and every one can easily understand your teaching + style and you have a very good leadership quality.. Now i can say + boldly & proudly i am a professional photographer..... All credit goes + to Vishwa Mano the GREAT!!!! Thanks for your awesome + workshop......Vishwa Mano.', + ), + 'Suprajha Rajan' => array( + 'suprajha_rajan.jpg', + 'It was a great experience learning under him. He encouraged us to + start our own ventures. Every patient teacher and also allows us to + experiment. Would love to go back and learn more from him.', + ), + 'Swagata Chakraborty' => array( + '', + 'Brilliant photographer and teacher. He has the knack of making lessons + very simple by using laymen terms. My husband and I had gone for the + beginner\'s course. We came away very satisfied. Vishwa is very + accommodating, very patient. No question is silly enough! He taught + those with DSLRs and took time to teach us to use our regular digital + camera as well. We hope to go back for more such workshops', + ), ); @@ -272,4 +359,4 @@ $smarty->assign('col_limit', floor(count($testimonials) / 2)); $smarty->assign('p_title', $p_title); $smarty->assign('title', $title); $smarty->assign('meta_description', $meta_desc); -$smarty->display('testimonials.tpl');- \ No newline at end of file +$smarty->display('testimonials.tpl'); diff --git a/images/workshops/testimonials/aparajithan_krishnakumar.jpg b/images/workshops/testimonials/aparajithan_krishnakumar.jpg Binary files differ. diff --git a/images/workshops/testimonials/k_r_gopalan.jpg b/images/workshops/testimonials/k_r_gopalan.jpg Binary files differ. diff --git a/images/workshops/testimonials/madhu_barath.jpg b/images/workshops/testimonials/madhu_barath.jpg Binary files differ. diff --git a/images/workshops/testimonials/madhu_vinodh.jpg b/images/workshops/testimonials/madhu_vinodh.jpg Binary files differ. diff --git a/images/workshops/testimonials/praveen_jayakaran.jpg b/images/workshops/testimonials/praveen_jayakaran.jpg Binary files differ. diff --git a/images/workshops/testimonials/suprajha_rajan.jpg b/images/workshops/testimonials/suprajha_rajan.jpg Binary files differ.