peachbarebones weather service - 4 hours
cryptopalscryptopals challenges (wip) 43 hours
sicpsicp sandbox3 days
acmensan ACMEv2 client. fork of acme-nosudo 7 weeks
fernmedia feed downloader - 3 months
gitb-initcreate bare remote git repos7 months
comboxsplit and encrypted files between online file storage providers8 months
lpschedule-generatorlibreplanet schedule generator - months
fsfisource of 8 months
vishwamanosource of vishwamano.com16 months
cedaremails fsf india's news feed to the fsf-discuss mailing list 21 months
nservernihilistic stats server 24 months
markdown-link-styleswitch between inline and footnote link style in markdown documents24 months
rorrealm of racket sandbox 24 months
nfswnfsw is fulla slimy warts! - 2019 christmas gag gift 2 years
wispget interweb fluff 3 years
git-difmegit do it for me - years
taocptaocp sandbox4 years
markdown-textwraptext wrap markdown documents4 years
gns-deb-diffautomate the documentation of the differences between gNewSense and Debian.5 years
combox-papernotes and other things concerning combox6 years
gitblaggit push to your readers7 years
scrufdarn simple HTML5 doc generator8 years