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conversion/ modified the regex to ignore backup file (#*#).
parsers/ Aesthetic modification. parsers/ add "meta" tags for the html output, mainly for compliance sake. I have also re-arranged the html tags a bit -- the "back button" is now the last thing in the <article> block. parsers/ (bug-fix): The regex had small precisely deducting images, so the regex was slightly modified to make all work properly. There was another significant change made to the way the image tag is created -- "alt" is mandatory now, even if the markup doesn't give a "alt" for the <img> tag, a default "alt" is created -- the image-file-name. parsers/ From now on, the links generated will not have 'target="_blank"`, I felt that the reader must choose whether to open the link in a new window/tab, so the change. Period. In the last revision, link description was made optional in the link mark-up, the regex was slightly erroneous, I rectified it. parsers/ As of this revision, the <p> generation is still rough around the edges, I need to smoothen it in future revisions. parsers/ Order of parser list was modified -- now, Paragraphs comes before Headings, it was the reverse before.
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diff --git a/conversion/ b/conversion/
index 8d6c643..71be04a 100644
--- a/conversion/
+++ b/conversion/
@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@ public class FileSieve implements FileFilter {
// this method return true, if this file doesn't represent
// a html file.
public boolean accept(File pathname) {
- Pattern pattern = Pattern.compile("(.+\\.(html|png|jpg|css|tar|ttf))|(.+?\\~)|(index)|(\\..+)");
+ Pattern pattern = Pattern.compile("(.+\\.(html|png|jpg|css|tar|ttf))|(.+?\\~)|(index)|(\\..+)|(\\#.+?\\#)");
Matcher matcher = pattern.matcher(pathname.getName());
boolean bool = matcher.find();
return !bool;