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diff --git a/report/chapters/1-intr.tex b/report/chapters/1-intr.tex @@ -42,7 +42,7 @@ spreads the shards to $N$ node directories. A ``node directory'' is the directory of the file storage provider (Dropbox directory is a node directory). Fig. \ref{fig:1-combox-overview-0}, illustrates how a file called \verb+strunk-white.pdf+ is split, encrypted and spread -across $N$ node directories; shards \verb+strunk-white.pdf.shard0+ to +across $N$ node directories. Shards \verb+strunk-white.pdf.shard0+ to \verb+strunk-white.pdf.shardN+ are encrypted. \begin{figure}[h] diff --git a/report/combox-report.pdf b/report/combox-report.pdf Binary files differ.