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Drafted 4.1.4.

The worst section in the report as of now.

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diff --git a/report/bib/combox.bib b/report/bib/combox.bib @@ -41,6 +41,12 @@ url = "" title = "Python Packaging User Guide", url = "" } + +@misc{combox-src:silo.ComboxSilo, +title = "combox - combox.silo.ComboxSilo - Sole DB interface.", +url = "" +} + % 5 @techreport{dijkstra69, diff --git a/report/chapters/4-arch-d.tex b/report/chapters/4-arch-d.tex @@ -169,6 +169,60 @@ directory. \subsection{Database structure}\label{sec:4-combox-db} +To keep it simple, stupid, I decide to maintain bare minimum +information about files, stored in the combox directory, and depend on +file system events to do the right thing when changes takes place in +the combox directory. + +The only information that is stored in the database, about a file in +the combox directory is its SHA-512 hash; The SHA-512 hash of a file +is enough information to detect in the file. In the database, there +also four dictionaries -- \verb+file_moved+, \verb+file_deleted+, +\verb+file_created+, \verb+file_modified+ -- which tracks the number +of shards of a file that was moved/deleted/created/modified due the +respective file being moved/deleted/created/modified on another +computer; these four dictionaries are primarily used by the +\verb+NodeDirMonitor+ to detect remote file +movement/deletion/creation/modification and triggering file +reconstruction from shards at the right time. + +The database is a JSON file on the disk, stored by default at +\verb+$HOME/.combox/silo.db+. The +\verb+combox.silo.ComboxSilo+\cite{combox-src:silo.ComboxSilo} is the +sole interface to read from and write to database. The database is +primarily accessed and modified by the combox directory monitor +(\verb+ComboxDirMonitor+) and the node directory monitor +(\verb+NodeDirMonitor+) through a shared Lock\cite{py:threading.Lock} +that ensures that only one entity\footnote{An entity can be the combox + directory monitor or one of the node directory monitors} can +access/modify the database at a time. + +Below is an illustration of the structure of the combox database: + +\begin{verbatim} +{ + "/home/rsd/combox/ipsum.txt": "e3206df2bb2b3091103ab9d...", + "/home/rsd/combox/tk-shot-osx.png": "7fcf1b44c15dd95e0...", + "/home/rsd/combox/thgttg-21st.png": "0040eedfc3eeab546...", + "/home/rsd/combox/lorem.txt": "5851dd7a4870ff165facb71...", + "/home/rsd/combox/the-red-star.jpg": "4b818126d882e552...", + "file_moved": {}, + "file_deleted": {}, + "file_created": {}, + "file_modified": {}, +} +\end{verbatim} + +The \verb+combox.silo.ComboxSilo+, which is the sole interface to read +from and write to the database, uses the pickleDB +library\cite{pylib:pickledb}. The pickleDB is a very basic key-value +store which allows one to store information in the JSON format; if I +would have not found this library or if this library was never by +Harrison Erd, I've would have written something very similar to this +library as part of combox to realize the basic key-value storage that +is needed to track the hashes of the files stored in the combox +directory. + \section{combox modules overview} combox is spread into modules that have functions and/or classes. As diff --git a/report/combox.tex b/report/combox.tex @@ -300,6 +300,8 @@ \abbreviation{YAML}{YAML Ain't Markup Language} \abbreviation{CLI}{Command Line Interface} \abbreviation{GUI}{Graphical User Interface} + \abbreviation{JSON}{JavaScript Object Notation} + \end{listofabbreviations}