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Date:   Fri, 15 Jan 2016 15:56:53 -0500

report: drafted a rickety abstract.

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diff --git a/report/combox-report.pdf b/report/combox-report.pdf Binary files differ. diff --git a/report/combox.tex b/report/combox.tex @@ -179,7 +179,25 @@ % +----------------------------------------------------------+ \begin{abstractpage} -[Insert the abstract to your work here] + File storage providers on the Internet have made it non-trivial for + individuals to store personal files on the file storage provider's + computers. After Mr. Snowden disclosed information about the + National Security Agency' (NSA) surveillance programs that allowed + the NSA to access information stored on file storage provider' + computers, online file storage became a non-solution for storing + personal files for everyone who detested the possibility of somebody + else being able to access their personal files. In the past, there + have been separate efforts to come with a solution to allow + individuals to use storage space provided by file storage providers + in a way that it made it impossible for file storage providers and + to access the files. combox is one such effort. It allows an + individual to store personal files in the ``combox directory'' on + all her computers (running GNU/Linux or OS X) and the combox program + takes the files, splits and encrypts them and spreads them across + file storage providers' directories. Therefore, when an individual + uses storage space provided by file storage providers through + combox, each file storage provider gets only a part of the file in + an encrypted form. \end{abstractpage} %--------+----------------------------------------------------------+ @@ -194,7 +212,7 @@ \begin{dedication} \noindent Dedicated to the - \verb+$EDITOR+ I used to write everything. + \verb+$EDITOR+ I used to write literally everything. \end{dedication} %--------+----------------------------------------------------------+ @@ -282,7 +300,7 @@ % +----------------------------------------------------------+ \begin{preface} -[Insert your preface here] +42. \end{preface} %XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX