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diff --git a/report/bib/combox.bib b/report/bib/combox.bib @@ -15,12 +15,12 @@ url = "" } @mastersthesis{vollmar-combo-box, -author = "Wesley Vollmar", -title = "Combox-Box", -school = "Bowling Green State University", -type = "Master's Project", -year = "2014", -month = "April", +author = "Wesley Vollmar", +title = "Combox-Box", +school = "Bowling Green State University", +type = "Master's Project", +year = "2014", +month = "April", } @misc {website:systemd, diff --git a/report/chapters/1-intr.tex b/report/chapters/1-intr.tex @@ -127,6 +127,27 @@ Dropbox. \section{How is combox different from Combo-Box?}\label{1-sec-cb-diff} +Combo-Box by Wesley Vollmar\cite{vollman-combo-box} was the first +implementation of the idea storing encrypted shards of a file on the +computers different of different file storage providers. Differences +between Vollmar's Combo-Box and combox are enumerated below: + +\begin{description} +\item[Platform] Combo-Box runs Microsoft Windows, whereas combox runs + on GNU/Linux and OS X and is not compatible with Microsoft Windows. +\item[File splitting] Combo-Box splits a file into shards based on the + space available on each node directory\cite{vollmar-combo-box}, + while combox is not yet cognizant about about space left in each + node directory and splits the file into N equal shards, where N is + equal to the number of node directories. +\item[User Interface] Combo-Box is graphical application while combox + mostly a commandline program; combox's configuration wizard has a + graphical interface and the wizard has a commandline interface for + users who just like to do everything from the commandline. +\item[License] combox is licensed under the GNU General Public License + version 3 or later. +\end{description} + \section{Using combox}\label{1-sec-using-cb} Installing and running combox is relatively easy for Unix users: diff --git a/report/combox-report.pdf b/report/combox-report.pdf Binary files differ.