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diff --git a/html/about/index.html b/html/about/index.html @@ -0,0 +1,171 @@ +<!--#include virtual="/includes/html-open.html"--> + +<!--#include virtual="/includes/header-open.html"--> +<title>Free Software Foundation India</title> +<!--#include virtual="/includes/header-close.html"--> + +<!--#include virtual="/includes/body-open.html"--> +<!--#include virtual="/includes/navbar.html"--> + +<div class="container main"> + <section class="section"> + <div class="content"> + + <header> + <h1>About FSF India</h1> + </header> + + <p>The Free Software Foundation India (FSF India) is a + nonprofit organisation committed to advocating, + promoting and propagating the use and development of + free (swatantra) software in India.</p> + + <p>The special need of free software community in the + current historical context.</p> + + + <h2>Background</h2> + + <p>As the computer continues to become increasingly + pervasive in our personal, social and working + lives, the soul of the machine — software — is + seemingly trapped in a battle of proprietary + ownership.</p> + + <p>In the early days of computing, it was customary for + programmers to share software. Since the 1970s, + however, much software has become proprietary, such + that its users have been prevented from sharing, let + alone modifying, programs. By the 1980s, proprietary + software had become commonplace, and the computing + community was losing the freedom to cooperate in using + and altering software. Freedom was under attack.</p> + + + <h2>The Free Software Foundation</h2> + + <blockquote> + <p>The owners of software had erected walls to divide + us from each other.</p> + </blockquote> + + <p>Those words came from the one person who has + zealously campaigned to safeguard software + freedoms–Richard M. Stallman, a celebrated + programmer and an accomplished hacker. (Contrary + to popular belief, a hacker is not an anti-social + being. S/he is someone who is passionate, even + obsessive, about programming, as opposed to a + cracker, someone who breaks security on a system, + often with malicious intent.)</p> + + <p>Stallman, then working at MIT’s Artificial + Intelligence Lab, left to pursue the Free Software + Movement in 1984, inspired by the ideals of + American independence: freedom, community and + voluntary co-operation, which leads to free + enterprise, free speech and free software. He had + already started the <a href="https://gnu.org">GNU project</a> in + 1983 to develop the free operating system GNU (a recursive + acronym for GNU’s Not Unix).</p> + + <p>In 1985 Stallman founded the <a href="https://fsf.org">Free + Software Foundation</a> + (FSF), dedicated to promoting computer users’ + rights to use, study, copy, modify and + redistribute computer programs.</p> + + <p>The FSF promotes the development and use of free + software and free documentation. In particular, + FSF promotes the GNU operating system, used widely + today in its GNU/Linux variant, based on the Linux + kernel developed by Linus Torvalds. These systems + are often mistakenly called just `Linux’; calling + them `GNU/Linux’ corrects this confusion.</p> + + <p>The FSF (<a href="https://fsf.org">fsf.org</a>), + whose headquarters is in Boston, Massachusetts, + USA, is a tax-exempt charity for free software + development. It raises funds by selling GNU + CD-ROMs, T-shirts, manuals and deluxe + distributions (all of which users are free to copy + and change), as well as from donations.</p> + + <p>The FSF also helps to spread awareness of the + ethical and political issues of freedom in the use + of software. The FSF believes that free software + is a matter of freedom, not price.</p> + + <h2>FSF India</h2> + + <p>The Free Software Foundation of India (FSF India), + the official Indian affiliate of the FSF, was + formally inaugurated by Richard Stallman at the + Freedom First! Conference at Thiruvanathapuram, + Kerala on 20 July 2001.</p> + + <p>FSF India will be the national agency for the + promotion of the use of <a href="https://www.gnu.org/philosophy/free-sw.html">free + software</a>, + i.e. software distributed under the + <a href="https://gnu.org/licenses/gpl">GNU General + Public Licence (GNU GPL)</a> or + <a href="https://gnu.org/licenses/license-list.html">other + licences</a> + approved by FSF, in all domains.</p> + + <h2>The Vision of FSF India</h2> + + <p>Broadly, FSF India will strive to ensure that free + software is strengthened in all respects so as to form + a genuine, credible and viable alternative to + proprietary software for every kind of application.</p> + + <p>To do so, FSF India will:</p> + + <ul> + <li><p>Promote awareness about free software among + the general public and, specifically, among + programmers and students.</p></li> + + <li><p>Increase access to free software by users + in India.</p></li> + + <li><p>Promote the development of local solutions + to local problems by empowering local + programmers in the use of free platforms, + tools and technologies.</p></li> + + <li><p>Provide support to free software by way of + documentation, expert help or any other means.</p></li> + + <li><p>Help organize training for programmers and + users of free software platforms and software.</p></li> + + <li><p>Carry out R&amp;D work for free software + solutions to suit local requirements.</p></li> + + <li><p>Provide services for the free software + programmer community by, for example, locating + and distributing jobs.</p></li> + + <li><p>Assist the national and State governments + in all aspects relating to free software, such + as evolving and maintaining standards; + providing a quality assurance mechanism for + free software; and ensuring the use of free + software in government and quasi-government + milieux.</p></li> + + <li><p>Provide services such as adjudication and + conflict redressal within the free software + domain.</p></li> + </ul> + </div> + </section> +</div> + +<!--#include virtual="/includes/footer.html"--> +<!--#include virtual="/includes/js.html"--> +<!--#include virtual="/includes/body-close.html"--> +<!--#include virtual="/includes/html-close.html"--> diff --git a/html/includes/navbar.html b/html/includes/navbar.html @@ -16,7 +16,7 @@ <div id="fsfi-nav-items" class="navbar-menu is-lowercase"> <div class="navbar-end"> <div class="navbar-item"> - <a href="#">About</a> + <a href="/about">About</a> </div> <div class="navbar-item"> <a href="#">Events</a>