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A demo of PyPump will be given, as well as a rundown on +the progress of the W3C Social Working Group. + +[gmg-home]: http://mediagoblin.org/ + +#### Dr. Hyde and Mr. Jekyll: advocating for free software in nonfree academic contexts + +ginger coons + +Room 32-141 + +What if the classic horror trope of the good doctor who becomes a +monster at night were reversed? Instead of the good Dr. Jekyll +transforming into the rampaging Mr. Hyde, advocates of free who work +in nonfree environments can feel as if they only get to put on their +altruistic persona at night. For academics advocating free software +and free culture in particular, libre ethics are often at odds with +both administrative structures and expected teaching outcomes. This +session explores the struggles of advocating free in both research and +teaching. + +#### TAFTA, CETA, TISA: traps and threats to Free Software Everywhere + +[Marianne Corvellec][corvellec], [Jonathan Le Lous][lous] + +Room 32-155 + +TAFTA, CETA, and TISA are far-reaching trade agreements posing major +threats to online freedom and creating legal uncertainty for all +Internet players. They set forth an ever stronger protection of +copyright and patents. They 'recycle' the most toxic parts of ACTA, +the anti-counterfeiting trade agreement which was rejected +in 2012. The presentation focuses on the software aspects of TAFTA, +CETA, TISA. We will call for action against these global treaty +projects and offer alternative proposals, which favour Free Software +Everywhere. + +[corvellec]: http://libreplanet.org/2015/program/speakers.html#corvellec +[lous]: http://libreplanet.org/2015/program/speakers.html#le-lous + +#### Let's encrypt! + +Seth Schoen + +Room 32-123 + +This year a robotic certificate authority will start issuing +publicly-trusted certificates, at no charge, by the millions. Called +Let's Encrypt, this CA is an initiative of several organizations. Our +free software and protocol will let sysadmins run a single command to +turn on HTTPS on their servers in about a minute, helping eliminate +obstacles to activating encryption for every Web server. I'll describe +how it all works and give a demo. We need lots of testing and +integration help! + +#### Attribution revolution -- turning copyright upside-down + +Jonas Öberg + +Room 32-141 + +Reusing works licensed under free licenses seems pretty simple, but it +can often be quite time consuming. One image or a few lines of source +code might be okay, but keeping track of the license and attribution +of a thousand different pieces, or when quoting from massive data sets +such as Wikipedia? Whoah! Don’t we have computers to do that for us!? +We do, but there’s no widespread support for including licensing or +author information when sharing or reusing digital works. This session +will discuss how this should work in a free knowledge environment, and +could it be that many problems regarding copyright and "piracy" in our +digital society could be solved with free software? + +In order to relate effectively to the digital works we see online, +attribution (who made or built something) matters. Proper attribution +is the start of being able to explore digital works online in their +right context. This talk will focus on the philosophical background of +why attribution matters, the benefits that free software can bring to +the way we work with pieces of art (lolcats and Shakespeare alike), +and where we're heading in the future. + + +#### Access without empowerment + +Benjamin Mako Hill + +Room 32-123 + +The free software movement has twin goals: promoting access to +software through users' freedom to share, and empowering users by +giving them control over their technology. For all our movement's +success, we have been much more successful at the former. I will use +data from free software and from several related movements to explain +why promoting empowerment is systematically more difficult than +promoting access and I will explore how our movement might address the +second challenge in the future. + +#### Fork and ignore: fighting a GPL violation by coding instead + +Bradley Kuhn + +Room 32-123 + +Typically, GPL enforcement activity involves copyright infringement +actions which compel license violators to correct errors in their GPL +compliance, defending the policy goals of the GPL: the rights of +developers and users to copy, share, modify and redistribute. + +While traditional enforcement is often undeniably necessary for +embedded electronics products, novel approaches to GPL violations are +often possible and even superior for more traditional software +distributions. + +Recently, Software Freedom Conservancy engaged in an enforcement +action whereby, rather than fight the violator in court, we instead +provided resources and assistance to a vetted GPL-compliant fork of a +violating codebase. + +This talk discusses which scenarios make this remedy optimal and the +lessons learned. The talk includes some licensing and technical +content about vetting the licensing information of codebases. + +#### Who did this? Just wait until your father gets home + +Ken Starks + +Room 32-141 + +What's going on in here? Computer parts laying all over the +place... screws and ribbon cables scattered cross heaven's half +acre. And who left this power supply in the refrigerator? Is that your +dad's new impact drive? Don't you dare let me get up in the middle of +the night and step on that motherboard in my bare feet. Just what in +the name of Michael Dell is going on here?