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Overview of the scruf source

This section is for folks who wish to read/explore/hack/study/etc the
source code.

* : This is entry point for scruf. It contains the `main'
  function starts the nuts & bolts of scruf.

* parser/ : This directory contains all the `Parsers' and
  related classes. 
  The 'Parser' interface is defined in and all parsers
  implement this interface. 

  The functionality of a Parser is to convert a specific scruffy
  markup into corresponding HTML5 element. For instance, the `Link'
  parser converts scruffy marked up links into corresponding HTML5
  links; The `CodeBlocks' parsers looks for code blocks in the marked up
  file and converts the block into a HTML5 code block. 

  `ParserList' class contains a list of all parsers that is used to
  convert a scruffy markup file to valid HTML5.

* conversion/ : Contains classes responsible for traversing
  directories looking for scruffy marked up files & feeding the marked
  up files to a list of parsers to convert into HTML5

  `ConvertDirectory' class recursively traverses a directories & when
  it finds a scruffy marked up file, it gives it to the `ConvertFile'
  class to perform HTML5 conversion.

  `ConvertFile' gets a scruffy marked up file and feeds the file to a
  list of parsers to convert to HTML5 and writes the converted HTML5
  file to the disk.

  	+ ignore/ : This directory contains a class which help identify
  	sub-directories that are to be ignored.

* index/ : Contains the `IndexCreator' class which adds links to newly
  converted HTML5 files to the directory's `index.scruffy' file

  `index.scruffy' is created in directories that have scruffy marked
  up files and it contains a list of links to all the HTML5 files
  converted by scruf.

* io/ : Contains classes for reading/writing files.

* status/ : Contains the `PresentFile' class which has the details
  about the marked up file that is being converted to HTML5.

  The `DirectoryInfo' class has the `level' of the directory being
  traversed with respect to the `root' directory.

  The `root' directory is the top level directory given by the user to
  perform HTML5 conversion.

* styling/ : This directory contains the StyleChecker class which
  makes sure that every directory, that has a scruffy marked up file,
  contains a dedicated style sheet -- style.css.

  The style.css is the default style sheet used by scruf.